Talk about urology

We realized the result of the "Laser enucleation course", which we have organized many times before in Ankara Acıbadem Hospital, Prostate Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Center, on 27-28 August 2021.
We performed 4 ThuFLEP and 1 HoLEP live surgery at our meeting attended by Jordan Urology Association President Dr. Rami Al Azab and King Abdullah University Urology Department Head Dr. Ibrahim Ghalayini as trainees.
Our participants had the opportunity to watch these surgeries performed by Prof.Dr.Lutfi Tunç in the operating room. In this one-on-one and interactive training, the details of our own “omega sign” technique were shared with the participants. In addition, in the theoretical session we held in the meeting room; The activities of our center with the presentation of “introduce of the host clinic”, the theoretical details and clinical results of our surgical technique with the presentation of “The novel Laser enucleation of prostate technique: Omega Sign”, the presentation of “Equipments and operation room setup for laser enucleation” The equipment used and technical details were shared with our participants. We have successfully completed this course, which we understand that it has been very productive from the feedback of our guests. We would like to state that we are very happy to host the guests of QUANTA company in our center, which previously hosted many international courses within ESUT.

These training videos have been prepared by Plus-Medi Pharma Co. They help you understand the settings and get ready Quanta Litho 30W Laser for use.