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#NEWinNRU Khoo et al. describe proteomic discovery of non-invasive biomarkers of localized #ProstateCancer using mass spectrometry


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#ICYMI @MichaelYanMD @fabiomoraesmd @dr_cury @RadioOncologia @aleberlin2 @lucascmendez et al. discuss practical considerations for prostate hypofractionation in the developing world in this Review


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#NEWinNRU in this News & Views, Peter C. Albertsen discusses how changing the current #ProstateCancer screening paradigm will be a challenge


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#NEWinNRU @bkwelk, Kathryn Richardson & Jalesh N. Panicker discuss the cognitive effect of anticholinergics for patients with #OveractiveBladder


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Our September issue is live! Including Reviews on exercise-induced myokines in #ProstateCancer, using oncolytic viruses to ignite the tumour immune microenvironment in #BladderCancer & the potential of CAR T cell therapy for #ProstateCancer


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#ICYMI In this Review, Zaorsky and colleagues describe salvage therapy for #ProstateCancer after radical prostatectomy


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Our August issue is live! https://go.nature.com/2U1YAey with Reviews on advances in sperm analysis, molecular determinants of severity in #UTI and #stemcell research in primary #hypogonadism


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#NEWinNRU a Perspective on incorporating palliative care principles to improve patient care and quality of life in urological oncology from @lhugar Elizabeth M. Wulff-Burchfield, @garywinz Bruce L. Jacobs & @daviesbj


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Nature Reviews Urology@NatRevUrol·10h#ICYMI @niyatilobo @NateBrooksMD⁩ ⁦Zlotta, Cirillo @SBoorjian⁩ ⁦@pcvblack⁩ ⁦@garysteinbergmd⁩ ⁦@JoshMeeks⁩ ⁦@tbivala1⁩ ⁦@paolo_gontero⁩ Babjuk @djmcconkey⁩ Witjes & ⁦@UroDocAsh⁩ discuss 100 years of BCG immunotherapy


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Nature Reviews Urology@NatRevUrol·10h#NEWinNRU In this Review the role of cellular senescence in the pathogenesis of prostatic disease is discussed #ProstateCancer #UroBPH @GaelleFiard @VStavrinides @Emma_S_Chambers @susan_heavey @AkbarLab @EmbertonMark


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