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ORSI-Facebook- Orsi Academy is glad to announce that in light of the CE Mark approval surgeons across the world can now participate in hands-on training using the Hugo™ RAS System of Medtronic at the Orsi Academy facilities. Surgeons and surgical staff can experience and train on one of the two systems currently available at Orsi Academy. 🦾 We are excited to include Hugo™ RAS system as a new member of the robotic family!


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Amar Kishan- Twitter- QOD. https://bit.ly/3vlkF61 we found less toxicity with this approach (as did Chris King in his original trial). @DrAndrewLoblaw PATRIOT trial https://bit.ly/3pfkqsg did find less acute (but not late) toxicity with qweekly, with possibly more salvage ADT in the qweekly group


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DUST-Twitter - Don't miss the chance to hear from world class faculty at #DUST21! View the agenda, learn about more about the faculty, and register now


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Marcelo Wroclawski- Twitter- Is #aEEP a reality in 🇧🇷? And in other low- and mid-income countries???Profs. Slongo and D’Ancona will show how they implemented #HoLEP programs in a private and a public Hospital.Don’t miss #BEM, October 29-30, in Curitiba (or on-line)!!!


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EAU Edu Platform UROONCO- Twitter- One-quarter of metastatic hormone-sensitive #prostatecancer receive bone modifying agents; results from SEER.


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European Urology Open Science-Twitter-Essentials for Standardising the Undergraduate Urology Curriculum in Europe: Outcomes of a Delphi Consensus from the European School of Urology


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Shahrokh Shariat-Facebook- Great meeting for everyone to participate.Dr. Heike DiekmannCongress Communication Consulting Telefon: +49 (0) 221 801499-0


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World Association for Sexual Health- Facebook- 3rd International Seminar of the Doctoral Program in Human Sexuality


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Cesare Marco Scoffone- Facebook- The 11th International Meeting Technology and Training in Endourology 2021 will be held on 10-12 november 2021 .


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UROLOGY CHEAT SHEETS-Twitter-Erectile dysfunction is the permanent inability to initiate and/or maintain an erection adequate for satisfactory sexual intercourse and has a high prevalence and incidence. Do you want to know more?


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