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Sociedad Chilena de Urología 
Sociedad Chilena de Urología 
This Company will have the purpose and purpose of:a) Promote the study, progress and development of medicine and, especially, urology.b) Promote other types of exchange, technical, scientific, cultural assistance and activities that he considers appropriate in the field of urology.c) Protect and promote all scientific, academic, technical and educational interests that directly or indirectly affect the medical members of this society.d) Organize conferences, congresses, symposia and other scientific and cultural events aimed at the development and improvement of urology and its partners.i) Facilitate the publication of papers that are presented to the Society and of interest to members and urologists, through any suitable means of distribution.f) Advise public and / or private organizations on the implementation of health policies and programs related to the specialty.g) Ensuring the quality and development of urology, as well as the good name, prestige and professional dignity of its employees.